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Jacob Taylor

Mozilla Firefox

To simply take a look at the Firefox source code, you do not need todownload it. You can look at the source directly with your web browserusing Searchfox (start at -central/source forthe complete firefox source code of branch HEAD).

Mozilla Firefox

XPFE (Cross Platform Front End) is the SeaMonkey frontend. It containsthe XUL files for the browser interface, common files used by the otherparts of the mozilla suite, and the XBL files for the parts of the XULlanguage that are implemented in XBL. Much of this code has been copiedto browser/ and toolkit/ for use inFirefox, Thunderbird, etc.

You can reload your WebExtension using the command "Firefox: Reload add-on" (extension.firefox.reloadAddon)from the VS Code command palette.The WebExtension will also be reloaded when you restart the debugging session, unless you have setreloadOnAttach to false.You can also use the reloadOnChange property to let VS Code reload your WebExtension automaticallywhenever you change a file.

firefoxExecutable: The absolute path to the Firefox executable or the name of a Firefox edition(stable, developer or nightly) to look for in its default installation path. If not specified,this extension will look for both stable and developer editions of Firefox; if both are available,it will use the developer edition. You can also override this property in your settings (see below).

If you accidentally removed the "Web eID" or "PKCS11 Loader" web extension, you can manually reinstall it from the Mozilla Firefox web store.Web eID - -US/firefox/addon/web-eid-webextension/PKCS11 loader - -US/firefox/addon/pkcs11-module-loader/ 041b061a72


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