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Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor

"Friends" The One With The Fake Party(1998)

A quote about: DyingUse this when: Planning your funeral with your family. Just like most of us on a normal day, we like to plan our own funerals and fake our deaths. Ross is probably the first to have set the trend, but sadly this time round, nobody turned up to his fake funeral. Disappointed, as you would be, Ross pledges to haunt people when he is actually gone.

"Friends" The One with the Fake Party(1998)

When government officials, mainstream media editors and ruling party politicians talk about fake news on the Internet, the intention appears to smear all operating there with one broad brush for their own propaganda purposes, ignoring the real contributions that news portals and blogs have made to uncovering truths which would never have appeared in the government-controlled mainstream media.

Let's get this straight, Bob. Nobody in that building, nobody, had ever run or even worked at an all-news format before except Suzanne Chapman and myself. KVET hired a know-nothing hayseed news director from Temple who promptly quit three months in because he was homesick. KLBJ, at least, had the good sense to hire a news director from a major market with a substantial history of success. KVET had no money, no experience, and not even the good judgment to hire or defer to someone who had done this successfully in the past. The whole thing sounded and operated like what it was: small-town radio done by the damned Longhorn Club. In the end, it was a disaster both journalistically and financially because you can't buy or fake experience, programming skill, and integrity. Simple as that. Journalism, Bob, is not an assembly line of sleepy press conference dreck, rewritten Statesman stories, and morning show hijinks and you should know better. I'm saddened that after all you've gone through, you've failed to reach that conclusion. Honest, I am. But, it proves my point: Some people learn nothing from abject failure and are thus destined to fail again. 041b061a72


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