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MCPE 1.16: The Nether Update is Here! Download Now and Start Your Journey

How to Download MCPE 1.16 for Free

If you are a fan of Minecraft, you may have heard of the latest update for the game, called MCPE 1.16 or the Nether Update. This update is a major overhaul of the Nether dimension, adding new biomes, blocks, mobs, items, and features to make it more diverse and exciting.

MCPE stands for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is the version of Minecraft designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is also known as Bedrock Edition, as it shares the same codebase and features with other platforms such as Windows 10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and more.

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If you want to experience the Nether Update on your mobile device, you may be wondering how to download MCPE 1.16 for free. In this article, we will show you how to do that, as well as some of the features, tips, and tricks that you can enjoy with this update.

Features of MCPE 1.16

MCPE 1.16 is a huge update that brings many changes and improvements to the game, especially to the Nether dimension. Here are some of the features that you can expect from this update:

New biomes, blocks, and mobs in the Nether

The Nether is no longer a boring and monotonous place full of lava and netherrack. It now has five new biomes that have their own unique landscapes, colors, sounds, and atmospheres.

  • The Crimson Forest is a dense forest of red fungi and crimson nylium, where you can find crimson fungi, weeping vines, shroomlights, nether wart blocks, and crimson stems.

  • The Warped Forest is a blue counterpart of the Crimson Forest, where you can find warped fungi, twisting vines, shroomlights, warped wart blocks, and warped stems.

  • The Soul Sand Valley is a barren wasteland of soul sand and soul soil, where you can find basalt pillars, fossils, soul fire, soul lanterns, and soul torches.

  • The Basalt Deltas is a volcanic region of basalt and blackstone, where you can find magma cubes, lava lakes, and delta formations.

  • The Nether Wastes is the original Nether biome, where you can find netherrack, gravel, lava, glowstone, and nether fortresses.

Each biome also has its own new mobs that can be friendly, neutral, or hostile to the player. Some of the new mobs are:

  • The Piglins are a new civilization of pig-like creatures that live in the Nether. They are hostile to the player unless they wear gold armor. They are also attracted to gold items and can barter with the player for various goods.

  • The Hoglins are huge boar-like beasts that are the main food source of the Piglins. They are hostile to the player and will attack on sight. They can be bred with crimson fungi and can be hunted for porkchops and leather.

  • The Zoglins are zombified versions of the Hoglins that are created when a Hoglin is brought to the Overworld. They are hostile to everything and will attack any living creature they see.

  • The Striders are passive mobs that can walk on lava. They can be tamed with warped fungi and ridden with a saddle and a warped fungus on a stick. They are the only way to travel on lava without potions or elytra.

New items, materials, and mechanics

MCPE 1.16 also adds many new items, materials, and mechanics to the game that can enhance your gameplay and creativity. Some of the new items and materials are:

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  • Netherite is a new material that is stronger and more durable than diamond. It can be used to craft netherite armor, tools, and weapons that have higher stats and can withstand lava. It can also be used to upgrade existing diamond items by using a smithing table.

  • Ancient Debris is a rare ore that can be found in the lower levels of the Nether. It is the only source of netherite scraps, which can be combined with gold ingots to make netherite ingots.

  • Blackstone is a new block that can be found in the Basalt Deltas biome. It is similar to cobblestone and can be used to craft stone tools and furnaces. It also has polished, chiseled, cracked, and gilded variants.

  • Target is a new block that can be used for redstone contraptions or archery practice. It emits a redstone signal when hit by a projectile, with the signal strength depending on how close to the center the projectile hits.

  • Respawn Anchor is a new block that can be used to set your spawn point in the Nether. It can be charged with glowstone and activated with a right-click or a redstone signal. It has four levels of charge, each allowing one respawn.

Some of the new mechanics that are introduced in this update are:

  • Soul Speed is a new enchantment that can be applied to boots. It allows the player to move faster on soul sand and soul soil, but at the cost of durability.

  • Lodestone is a new block that can be used to alter the direction of compasses. It can be linked to a compass by using it on the lodestone. The compass will then point to the lodestone instead of the world spawn.

  • Crying Obsidian is a new block that can be obtained from bartering with Piglins or from ruined portals. It is similar to obsidian but has blue particles and sounds. It can be used to craft respawn anchors or as a decorative block.

New ambient sounds and options

MCPE 1.16 also improves the sound design and options of the game, making it more immersive and customizable. Some of the new ambient sounds and options are:

  • The Nether biomes have their own unique ambient sounds that reflect their mood and atmosphere. You can hear different sounds such as fire crackling, lava bubbling, fungi growing, bones rattling, etc.

  • The Nether music tracks have been updated with new compositions by Lena Raine. You can hear different tracks depending on which biome you are in or what situation you are facing.

  • <li The sound options have been expanded with new sliders and toggles. You can adjust the volume and toggle the sounds of different categories such as music, ambient, blocks, hostile creatures, friendly creatures, players, weather, etc.

Download Options for MCPE 1.16

If you are interested in downloading MCPE 1.16 for free, you have two main options: official sources and unofficial sources. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose wisely depending on your preferences and device.

Official sources: Minecraft website and app stores

The official sources for downloading MCPE 1.16 are the Minecraft website and the app stores of your device. These sources are the most reliable and secure, as they are authorized by Mojang Studios, the developer of Minecraft. They also ensure that you get the latest version of the game, with all the bug fixes and updates.

To download MCPE 1.16 from the official sources, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the [Minecraft website] and click on the "Get Minecraft" button.

  • Select your device from the list of options, such as Android, iOS, or Windows 10.

  • You will be redirected to the app store of your device, such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Microsoft Store.

  • If you already have MCPE installed on your device, you can update it to 1.16 by clicking on the "Update" button. If you don't have MCPE installed on your device, you can download it by clicking on the "Install" button.

  • Wait for the download and installation to complete, then launch the game and enjoy MCPE 1.16.

The downside of using the official sources is that they are not free. You need to pay a one-time fee of $6.99 to download MCPE from the app stores. However, this fee is worth it if you want to support the developers and get access to future updates and features.

Unofficial sources: APK websites and third-party apps</h


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