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After surviving the events of the first film and becoming an author, Carl Black moves his family back to his childhood home in Atlanta, where he hopes to continue working on his new book. There, the Blacks encounter their mysterious new next-door neighbor, Dr. Mamuwalde, a pimp whom Carl suspects is a vampire trying to take his family.[3][4]

The House Next Door mp4 download

Eva Németh Habán, born in 1926 in Gyékényes, Hungary, describes her father working for a railway company; attending schools in Nagykanizsa and in Érsekújvár, Hungary (now Nové Zámky, Slovakia); a Jewish classmate and her family being taken to a ghetto and having to wear yellow stars; sneaking in and out of the ghetto to visit her classmate, and her classmate giving her a necklace; bombings beginning on October 6, 1944; after she got home from work at a military hospital; she was outside in her yard and heard sounds of aircraft and a bomb explode, and she ran down into her shelter and hid beneath a table, and homes next door were damaged; inviting a German soldier to their place and her mother giving him a big glass of milk; all Jewish people in Érsekújvár being taken to Auschwitz; going to the nearby village of Tótmegyer (now Palárikovo, Slovakia) after the October 6 bombing and staying until summer 1945; visiting a Hungarian family in October 1944 when a refugee turned up at their place with a backpack while on his way to Budapest and taking him home. 350c69d7ab


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