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This year’s Stonecrest Issachar Conference will probably appeal to most folks in both a literary way and a spiritual way. The phrase Great Expectations for many of us brings to mind the great literary classic by Charles Dickens. Some of us will make our high school or college English teachers proud if the theme elicits memories of that novel.


Great Expectations, the novel, presented an important lesson about self-improvement, as it centers around the main character Pip whose desire for improvement gives the novel its title. Hooray for Pip, he believes that one can achieve his dreams and hopes for the future. He aspires to be better.


The spiritual side of the theme is from a familiar passage of scripture found in Acts 3:1-10 which relates the story of a lame man who sits outside the beautiful temple gate begging for money, having no great expectations, but who, in the end, is blessed beyond measure.

Both sides of our theme encourage us to avoid the initial attitude of the lame man-a disposition that allows us to crater under the weight of the many challenges that beset us daily-challenges that have multiplied during the pandemic, leaving many feeling hopeless and helpless. This dearth of the ability to have expectations for the future, no, GREAT expectations for the future has, unfortunately, crept into our churches. We doubt the future of the church, questioning how it will survive never-before-experienced challenges. We lament changes that have become necessary for churches to continue to be viable for His glorification.


The resounding message of the 2022 Stonecrest Issachar Conference is that we must have Great Expectations for the future of Churches of Christ-we must embrace existing vehicles that can and will assist us in a quest to survive and thrive: virtual services, greater and more effective utilization of social platforms, using our church buildings in creative ways, thinking outside the box on steroids!!


We have assembled a “Pip-like” group from across the country to share their expertise in areas that are critical to the church’s having Great Expectations, setting its sights on ways to overcome the obstacles that threaten it. Our panel of experts will equip us with strategies and methods that will enable our churches to ascend to greater heights-with clear direction and unprecedented results.

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Today, there is a critical need for Christians to understand the times—the times of the greatest pandemic in history—the times of churches with dwindling memberships—the times of increased racial unrest—the times of corrupt government—the times of a breakdown in families—and the times of acceptance of a distorted view of love and marriage.

We must seek ways to understand and address these critical issues the way the Word of God teaches us to utilizing strategies that are outside the box, timely and effective. This conference will utilize people who are well-versed in a number of areas—who know what to do and who are eager to share their expertise.

Stonecrest Issachar Conference, a virtual event, will address issues in both the church and the family. It promises to be transformational!

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 Great Expectations: Pivoting After the Pandemic

Acts 3: 1 - 10 



Lecture Speakers

Alvin Daniels_edited.jpg

Alvin Daniels

Hollywood, Florida

When God Leaves You Leftovers

Dr Cleavon Matthews.jpeg

Dr. Cleavon Matthews

Dayton, Ohio

Longing for Memories or Preparing for Mission

Dr. Steven Thompson.jpg

Dr. Steve Thompson

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Faithfully Facing Our Future

Dr Torian Salary.jpg

Dr. Torian Salary

Atlanta, Georgia

Getting More Than You Expected

Dr Harold Gilmore.jpg

Dr. Harold Gilmore

Decatur, Alabama

Getting More Than You Expected

John Tillman Jr.JPG

John Tillman, Jr.

Houston, Texas

Great Expectations: When God Fills Your Emptiness


Franklin Florence, Jr.

Chicago, Illinois

An Ugly Church in Front of a Beautiful Gate

James Glenn.JPG

James Glenn

Houston, Texas

Great Expectations: We Gotta Make a Move

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 5.55.34 AM.png

Dr. Olu Shabazz

Harlem, New York

Great Expectations: God is Doing a New Thing

David Wilson.JPG

David Wilson

Brooklyn, New York

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Present While Shaping the Future

Wesley T. Leonard.png

Wesley T. Leonard

Orlando, Florida

When Kodak Lost Its Focus, Has the Church Lost Hers?

William Jones.jpg

William Jones

Rochester, New York

Great Expectations: Strength in Your Struggles

Omah Smith.jpg

Omah Smith

San Antonio, Texas

A Divine Disruption

Lewis Parker.jpg

Lewis Parker IV

Sugar Land, Texas

Futuring: Leading Your Church into Tomorrow

Tradanius Beard.jpg

Tradanius Beard

Memphis, Tennessee

When you Can't Understand the WHY’S, Trust the WHO 

Dr Orpheus Heyward.JPG

Dr. O. J. Heyward

Atlanta, Georgia

Being Mary in a Martha Kind of a Church

Andrew Braxter.JPG

Andrew Braxter

North Little Rock, Arkansas

The Weight of Having Another Year

DonBurnell Holly.jpg

Don Burnell Holly

Memphis, Tennessee

Ladies Session Speakers

Glenda Thomas.jpeg

Glenda Thomas

Little Rock, Arkansas

Power After the Pandemic

Dr Lawanna Twaites.png

Dr. Lawanna Twaites

Atlanta, Georgia

The Christian and Political Action (Interview)

Becky Davis.jpg

Becky Davis

Atlanta, Georgia

T.R.U.S.T. HIM. (Total Reliance Upon Spiritual Timing)

Dr Lynne Davis.jpg

Dr. Lynne Davis


Stronger in the Broken Places

Deborah Huston.jpg

Deborah Houston

San Antonio, Texas

The Etiquette of Expectation

Jarilyn Fox.jpg

Jarilyn Fox

Dallas, Texas

Great Expectations

Shalonda Dulin .JPG

Shalonda Dulin

Dallas, Texas

Great Expectations After the Pandemic

Urenna Crawford.jpeg

Urenna Crawford

 Atlanta, Georgia 

Extraordinary Women: It’s the Right Time and the Right Place

Margaret Sims Hightower.jpg

Margaret Hightower

Atlanta, Georgia

“YOU Are My Expectation”

Dr Delic Loyde_edited.jpg

Dr. Delic Loyde

Houston, Texas

Kids Getting Back to Normal, But Not Really

Cynthia Daniels Pic.jpg

Cynthia Daniels

Houston, Texas

Kids Getting Back to Normal, But Not Really

Workshop Speakers

Johnathan Storment.jpg

Jonathan Storment

Little Rock, Arkansas

Rethinking Church When There is No Building

Dr J. C. Thomas.JPG

Dr. J.C. & Glenda Thomas

Atlanta, Georgia

How to Recover from Anxiety After the Pandemic?

Dr. Richard Barclay.jpg

Dr. Richard L. Barclay

Atlanta, Georgia

The Misuse and Abuse of the Bible
The Bible is Dangerous, Divisive, and Difficult

Ramon Hodridge.jpg

Ramon Hodridge

Dallas, Texas

Ministry in Action: Community Outreach

John  D Marshall.jpg

John Marshall

Anderson, South Carolina

Rethinking Church When There is No Building

Dr Dewayne Winrow (1).jpg

Dr. Dewayne Winrow

Reseda, California

Rethinking Church

Doug Crozier.jpg

Douglas Crozier

Denver, Colorado

The Solomon Foundation: Its Mission and Message

Image by Patrick Fore

Dr. Leonardo Gilbert

Chicago, Illinois

The Haiti Mission

Orlando R. Thomas.png

Orlando Thomas

Durham, North Carolina

Stuck in a Gaze

Image by Patrick Fore

Stanley & Laura Hubbard

Indianapolis, Indiana

Hope and Healing, What Did You Expect?
Building Healthy Relationships




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