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Welcome to the Stonecrest Issachar Conference website. Your visit here, we trust, is indicative of the fact that you are interested in attending this groundbreaking, virtual event, slated for May 9 - 12, 2021. I’m Dr. Richard L. Barclay, founder and host of the conference.

This cutting-edge event draws inspiration from 1 Chronicles 12:32: From Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do… Today, there is an urgent and persistent need for people to know the times and what our nation and our world should do. The Issachar Conference, prayerfully, will assume a vanguard position to help churches and families thrive and survive amid current movements, trends, ideologies, misinformation and world views that are molding our lives. Once it has assisted in this area, the conference will lead participants to actions designed to address the myriad of challenges they face.

Toward this end, Issachar Conference has assembled a cadre of much-sought-after speakers who understand well the times and who know exactly what our attendees should do whether they are church leaders or community leaders, family members or church members, married or single, church elder or church minister, for example. Their expertise is well documented.


Peruse our website for details about the conference; contact us if you have questions.  Like the men of Issachar, you now understand the times— May 9 - 12, 2021 and you now know what to do—register for the Issachar Conference.  It promises to be transformational.

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Today, there is a critical need for Christians to understand the times—the times of the greatest pandemic in history—the times of churches with dwindling memberships—the times of increased racial unrest—the times of corrupt government—the times of a breakdown in families—and the times of acceptance of a distorted view of love and marriage.

We must seek ways to understand and address these critical issues the way the Word of God teaches us to utilizing strategies that are outside the box, timely and effective. This conference will utilize people who are well-versed in a number of areas—who know what to do and who are eager to share their expertise.

Stonecrest Issachar Conference, a virtual event, will address issues in both the church and the family. It promises to be transformational!

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 From Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do...

 1 Chronicles 12:32 



Lecture Speakers

Alvin Daniels_edited.jpg

Alvin Daniels

Senior Minister

When Ministry Needs to Move

Dr. Floyd Rogers.JPG

Dr. Floyd Rogers

Senior Minister

How our Past Impacts our Future

Tim Daniels 3.jpg

Tim Daniels

Senior Minister

Limited by Labels

Daryl Bowdre_edited.jpg

Daryl Bowdre

Senior Minister

Understanding the Times

DonBurnell Holly.jpg

DonBurnell Holly

Senior Minister

Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Wesley T. Leonard.png

Wesley T. Leonard

Senior Minister

Do You Know What Time It Is?

Dr Jerry Taylor.jpg

Dr. Jerry Taylor

Associate Professor

Signs of the Times

Dr Jeremy Flowers.jpg

Dr. Jeremy Flowers

Senior Minister

Daring to Become the Church God Had in Mind

Dr. Rodney Dulin.jpg

Dr. Rodney Dulin

Senior Minister

Portrait of a New Testament Church

Dr Ralph Draper.jpg

Dr. Ralph Draper

Educator & Speaker

Futuring: Leading Your Church into Tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 5.55.34 AM.png

Dr. Olu Shabazz

Senior Minister

Issachar is a Donkey

Marcus Watkins.PNG

Marcus Watkins

Senior Minister

For Such a Time as This

Robert Brit photo.jpg

Dr. Robert Birt

Senior Minister

Pay Attention

David Watkins

David Watkins

Senior Minister

For Such a Time as This

Dr J. C. Thomas.JPG

Dr. J. C. Thomas

Senior Minister

The Church: Get Your Weather Report Here  Matthew

Andrew Braxter.JPG

Andrew Braxter

Senior Minister & Moderator

Ladies Session Speakers

Becky Davis.jpg

Becky Davis

Speaker & Entrepreneur

Think Big, Pray Hard and Wait Expectantly

Joie Rasberry in Blue.png

Joi Raspberry

Orator, Author & Educator

What Worked Then, Won’t Work Now


Deborah Houston

Author & Speaker

Revolutionizing the Inner Woman

Dr Sarah Keyton.JPG

Sarah Keyton

Educator & Speaker

Tamar: Victim to Victor (understanding the times)

Sheri Wilson.JPG

Sheri Wilson

Theatre Director & Moderator

Dramatic Reading

Margaret Hightower.jpg

Margaret Hightower

Life Coach & Speaker

In Him, A New Beginning

Workshop Speakers

Dr Clayton Stewart (1).jpg

Dr. Clayton Stewart

Ministering Evangelist

Emotional Abuse and its Impact on Ministers and Their Families

Dr C L Spivey.jpg

Dr C.L. Spivey

Senior Minister

The Church Changed and Nobody Told Me & The Impact of Culture on The Church

Ramon Hodridge photo.jpg

Roman Hodridge

Senior Minister

Moving from Passion to Action & Outreach is not Optional

Doug Crozier.jpg

Doug Crozier

The Solomon Foundation 

Church Finance and Budgeting

Dr Orpheus Heyward.JPG

Dr. Orpheus Heyward

Senior Minister


Michael Dublin

Michael Dublin

Senior Minister

Help Is on The Way

Emmanuel White

Emmanuel White

Senior Minister

The Quest for Authentic Manhood & Why Men Hate Coming to Church

Carol Hunter.jpg

Carol Hunter

Seed Planter Group

TV Productions & Preparation for Building Return

Harrell Thomas.jpg

Harrell Thomas

Servant Leader & Project Manager

Preparation for Building Return

Sheri Wilson.JPG

Sheri Wilson

Theatre Director & Moderator

Dramatic Reading

O. R. Thomas, Senior Minister.png

Orlander Thomas

Senior Minister

The Church Without Walls

Dr JR HOuston.png

Dr. Jerry Houston


Checklist for Choosing Church Leaders

Jordan Guy.png

Jordan Guy

Assistant Professor

Enriching our Understanding of 1 Chronicles

Cynthia Daniels Pic.jpg

Cynthia Daniels

Counselor & Educator

How to Keep Your Children in Line when They are On Line

Dr Delic Loyde.jpg

Dr. Delic Loyde


How to Keep Your Children in Line when They are On Line




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