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Attention, music aficionados! You have a special treat in store! Put aside all the playlists you have accumulated over the years. That’s right. Even your Luther! Forget about your jazz, your country and western, your classical, your R&B and even your gospel playlists. Whatever their genre, your lists are no match for the playlist that will be featured at the 2024 Stonecrest Issachar Virtual Conference. It will put Pandora in the shade, and what’s so very amazing about it is that “musical” atmosphere that will be created will have a vast audience appeal, satisfying today’s Christians’ yen for a
“playlist” powerful enough to keep them in tune with the ways to praise God, the importance of trusting Him, and awesome God’s mercy, to name some, as they strive to b sharp-knowledgeable of the Lord’s divine word and the power it can have in their lives-meaning the challenges they face daily.

Using as a theme The Playlist-An Exposition in the Book of Psalms, a group of well-respected speakers from across the brotherhood will delve into one of the most profound books of the Bible, with skills like those of virtuosos like Handel, Beethoven, and Mozart. This unique conference will be a cantata-a cornucopia of dynamic messages gleaned from Psalms-that will be life changing in the world of 2024 in which the sounds on the playlist are not melodious! There is a
cacophony on the playlist that many hear today, and they resound daily as breakdowns in families, racial unrest, wars, decline in church attendance, (virtually and onsite), corruption in government, acceptance of a distorted view of love and sexual identity. Our playlist-our studies from the book of Psalms-are certain to restore much needed harmony in a
sometimes off key world. You don’t want to miss it.

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Save The Date 24
Save The Date 24


Today, there is a critical need for Christians to understand the times—the times of the greatest pandemic in history—the times of churches with dwindling memberships—the times of increased racial unrest—the times of corrupt government—the times of a breakdown in families—and the times of acceptance of a distorted view of love and marriage.

We must seek ways to understand and address these critical issues the way the Word of God teaches us to utilizing strategies that are outside the box, timely and effective. This conference will utilize people who are well-versed in a number of areas—who know what to do and who are eager to share their expertise.

Stonecrest Issachar Conference, a virtual event, will address issues in both the church and the family. It promises to be transformational! Welcome to "The Playlist".

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