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Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor

Native Instruments VC 160 100 VSTRTASAAX X86 X64

In terms of workflow, Superior Drummer 3 features a fully resizable UI with detailed functionalities. There are 7 kits in total, and you can mix and match individual sounds in them with ease. Furthermore, it includes mallet selections (drumstick, brush, rods, felt mallets) in some instruments.

Native Instruments VC 160 100 VSTRTASAAX X86 X64


On the same note, Perfect Drums has a highly active development that adds more features and instruments with every update. For example, a free update from version 1 to 1.5 added twice the number of kits! Overall, Perfect Drums sounds excellent and unmistakably has pre-processing to make it pop.

Recorded in October 2012 with Ollie Waton and mixed/programmed by Stanley Gabriel, LABS Drums is a part of the free instrument collection by Spitfire. And if you are already familiar with Spitfire LABS instruments, you are well aware of the simplicity of the plugin, and this library is no different.

In the real world, we consider drums the standard rhythm kit containing a bass drum, snare, toms, hi-hats, and cymbals (ride and crash cymbals). In contrast, percussions are special instruments like guiro, triangles, chimes, gongs, etc., that add flairs and embellishments to a piece of music.

However, if we go technical, there is more to it than the information above. Percussions are any instrument played by the hand (conga), mallet (taiko), or by striking each other (Piatti). So, drums are actually a set of percussion instruments. And not only that, percussions can be both tonal and atonal.


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