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Jacob Taylor

Spekan Purge Tool 3.3

A million years ago, me and some people in the Pro/E newsgroup came up with a batch file that deletes files you don't want, and then calls the Pro/E purge.bat and does a normal purge. and then I have that setup in the right-click context menu so when going through directories in Windows Explorer I can purge quick and easy.

Spekan purge tool 3.3

Adding items to the context menu is adding some lines in your registry and some people are not comfortable with that, so I am not going to describe that here, also because there are countless guides on how to do it already. So you can Google "add item to context menu background" and there are guides for that, the key part of the registry entry is the "background" entry if you want to be able to right click any where in the current window and purge it.

Remove unwanted files from the drives and folders of your PC. Scan the selected volumes and configure search patterns for different elements and materials. Remove the files with certain extensions, sizes, associations, etc. View comprehensive purge reports.

Where can I download this tool? I have searched everywhere and can't seem to find it. The furthest I have gotten is: File Downloads but when you launch the installation launcher it asks for a password... I can't find it anywhere else. Any ideas?

All of a sudden my Spurge stopped working - when I run the program, the operation hangs before the UI appears. Three copies of the process are shown operating in the Task Manager, but the program no longer functions. The best I can figure is that a recent Windows update has caused this program to stop functioning. My Spurge file isn't corrupted - I have other copies, and they all have the same issue. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same problem?

It does not have the ability to save X versions they way Spekan Purge did, but that is minor. (At least I think Spekan Purge had that ability, been many years since I last needed a purge utility. I usually work in a Windchill environment.)


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