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The Princess And The Bodyguard

Emily Alatalo stars in the lead role as Lexi in UPtv's The Princess and the Bodyguard. Lexi surprisingly finds out on her 35th birthday that she is a royal princess, which changes her life in unexpected ways.

The Princess and the Bodyguard

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Trevor Rees-Jones (also known as Trevor Rees; born 3 March 1968) is a British author and former bodyguard who was badly injured in a car crash in Paris that killed Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997. Because he suffered a serious head injury, he does not recall any details from the crash.[1]

After spending more than a month in hospital, Rees-Jones finally returned to the United Kingdom on 3 October 1997. At the time, he was able to communicate only by whispering and writing down answers.[6] He resigned from his job as a bodyguard on 19 May 1998. Al-Fayed was reported as saying that his job would be available if he wished to return.[7]

Mailliez shared that, 25 years later, he is still reminded of that tragic night every time he travels through the tunnel. The Flame of Liberty monument nearby now stands as a memorial site in remembrance of Diana and her legacy. Tourists and fans of the late princess visit the site regularly.

Lexi is devastated when asked to give up her life in New York to resume her secret identity of Royal Princess. Under the watchful eye of a handsome but infuriating bodyguard, will she fulfill her destiny and find love at the same time?

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Piper Evans lives a quiet life in the tight-knit island community that still sees her, five years in, as an outsider. That is until a prince and princess with their brooding bodyguard move in next door.Harrison Cole may be hot, but he immediately deems Piper a security threat.

What she needs is a bodyguard. The large, scarred ruffian she finds on her stoop is exactly what she has been looking for. So why does his presence make her tremble in ways that have nothing to do with fear?

This bodyguard romance books looks to have so much to unpack given a female, CIA double agent is tasked to go undercover as a submissive girlfriend/bodyguard for a Hollywood A-lister who may have ties with a Mexican cartel. Wow!

Like everyone else that's been binging season four of Netflix's The Crown, we too have many questions about all the past royal family scandals that the show has revisited, including the love affair that went on between Princess Anne and her bodyguard, Peter Cross.

The plot of the movie revolves around Lexi, who is forced to leave her life in New York to get back to the reality of being a Royal Princess. She is burdened with a handsome yet exasperating bodyguard, and now she has to fulfil her destiny and find love.

Lars is first introduced as Phillipe's driver, who Mia realizes (after learning she is a princess) is actually his bodyguard. He is first seen in action frisking a delivery boy who Mia has to tip extra for the inconvenience. After Mia is outed by the press Lars is assigned to follow her from class to class, just like Wahim and Tina. When Mia cries about this Lars gives her his handkerchief.

When Mia goes to pull the fire alarm to stop Lilly's planned walk out Lars offers to pull it himself, to keep her from getting in trouble. Mia refuses, as she is the princess and so she must be the one to do the difficult jobs, but Lars cannot stop laughing at the whole plan. When Mia plans her press conference in revenge for Grandmère having the Sunday Times fashion spread printed Lars makes some calls to reporters to help her plan. After Mia locks herself in her room, Phillipe has Lars take Mia's bedroom door off the hinges, forcing Mia to retreat to her fire escape in 30º weather.

When Mia finally makes it to the Nondenominational Winter Dance Lilly tells her to sit down so that she will know where to find her when she needs to. Lars and Wahim join her, causing her to feel like a big idiot, sitting at a dance alone between two bodyguards. She tells Lars she wants to go home, and he starts to stand, but stops and stares at something behind Mia. Mia turns around and it's Michael, who had clearly rushed to the dance, and after talking they kiss.

While Mia was in Genovia with her Genovian bodyguard, Francois, Lars went snorkeling and wild boar hunting in Belize with Wahim. He comes back very tan. When Mia passes out from jet lag Lars carries her upstairs to her apartment. On Michael and Mia's first date Lars goes into the living room to watch TV with the Drs. Moscovitz.

Lars watches Mia's prom dress fashion show with her family. After prom he waits while Mia and J.P. argue, and when the elevator doors open he asks if they are going anywhere and Mia tells him they are not. Michael later asks Lars if he needs to go and beat up J.P. and Lars tells him he definitely should, despite Mia's objections. Michael says the world might be better if someone had beaten up J.P. a long time ago and Lars jokes that due to bodyguard union regulations he can't beat anyone up after midnight. Mia tells Lars to take the rest of the night off so she and Michael can go back to his place and Lars shrugs and lets them go.

Lars is asked out by one of Mia's suitemates, Shawna, but he turns her down. He is excited to go to the royal wedding as he will be able to have a reunion with all of his bodyguard friends.[5] Wahim asks Lars to come with him when he starts his private security company but Lars turns him down as he doesn't like management.[6]

Lars accompanies Mia, Lilly, Tina, and Tina's new bodyguard Halim to Cranbrook, NJ to meet with Catherine O'Toole about Olivia. When Catherine slams the door on Mia's foot Lars rushes in and pins her to the wall before signaling to the R.G.G. that Mia is safe. After they get permission to pick Olivia up from school they arrive at the school and see the fight that is starting, which Lars offers to break up but Mia insists on going herself. Lars and Halim follow her out and form a barrier to get her and Olivia safely back to the limo. A woman tries to take a selfie with Mia but Lars pushes her out of the way. The woman tells Lars she won't come and visit Genovia now but Lars tells her they don't want her there.[6] He also stops Dr. Bushy from taking a photo with Mia and Olivia.[7] Once in the limo Lars tells François to drive.[6] When they get to the Plaza, Lars tells Olivia not to stop and answer any questions or accept anything from anyone - even if she sees her best friend in the crowd - because it could cause a stampede.[7] After Olivia is punched in the face by Annabelle Jenkins Lars speaks with the R.G.G. to find out what happened[6], but he did not tell Phillipe what was going on as he was in a meeting with Catherine.[7]

One of the last people to learn that Princess Diana was dead was bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones. The only survivor of the car crash that killed her, Rees-Jones was fighting for his own life in the same hospital where doctors tried to save the fatally injured princess.

Rees-Jones and Kez Wingfield, a second bodyguard on duty, talked to Mike Wallace for an interview broadcast Sunday on 60 Minutes. Wallace talked about the story Monday with Early Show Co-Anchor Jane Clayson.

In the interview, Rees-Jones revealed his frustration about serving as a bodyguard for Dodi Al Fayed. He felt this way "because, Dodi was a pain in the neck. I mean, he was - he didn't want to tell anybody where he was going ahead of time so it was difficult for a bodyguard to set up security," Wallace says.

Wallace dismisses suspicions that the bodyguard is just cashing in on his account of the princess. "No, he was offered a million bucks by The National Enquirer, turned it down; he was offered similar sums by various tabloids in England and turned it down," Wallace says. "He finally is writing it because he wants to set the record straight about his responsibility and those of his fellow bodyguard Kez Wingfield."

Another controversial point involves whether or not the bodyguard was wearing a seat belt. "Because if he was wearing a seat belt and didn't see to it that the other people were wearing seat belts, that's certainly unprofessional," Wallace explains. "The other question is, 'Why did he not perhaps determine that Henri Paul was indeed under the influence?'"

A critical part of Rees-Jones account involves the extent of the romance between the couple, and how it evolved from Princess Diana's initial visits with the Al Fayed family into an personal relationship with Dodi Al Fayed. Some say the couple purchased an engagement ring on one leg of a Monte Carlo trip. The bodyguard, however, contended he accompanied Dodi Al Fayed and Princess Diana anthat the pair never stopped at a jewelry store; he has no idea where the story came from, Wallace says.

Rees-Jones: "He has now accused myself and Kez of saying that our lack of professionalism - as is his words, not mine - our lack of professionalism contributed or caused the accident that killed his son and the princess."

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance Fantasy] Peter Jones has been in love with Rachel de la Croix since she was just sixteen. Now she's all grown up. Problem: aside from the fact he works for her father the king Peter figures he is in no way a fit mate for a princess. Rachel de la Croix former wild child has an agenda: get Peter Jones to fall in love with her. But the stern chief of her father's security force treats her like a recalcitrant child. Will an unexpected threat from her past open his eyes or drive them apart forever? Hannah forgives Alex for not telling her he was king. Alex vows never to keep anything from Hannah again. Dare he tell her he doesn't want her as his mistress but as his queen? ** A Siren Erotic Romance 041b061a72


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