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Top Notch 1 Second Edition Pdf Free 12

Top Notch 1 Second Edition PDF Free 12

Top Notch is a dynamic communicative course that helps learners of English to develop their language skills and confidence. It covers a wide range of topics, from everyday situations to current events, and provides a balanced approach to listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The second edition of Top Notch has been updated and improved to make it more engaging and effective for students and teachers.


One of the features of the second edition of Top Notch is the Complete Assessment Package, which includes various types of tests and quizzes to measure students' progress and achievement. The Complete Assessment Package for Top Notch 1, the first level of the course, consists of 60 pages and includes the following components:

  • Placement Test: A diagnostic test to determine the appropriate level for students.

  • Achievement Tests: Four tests that assess students' mastery of the grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills taught in each unit.

  • Midterm and Final Exams: Two comprehensive exams that review the content of the first and second halves of the book.

  • Speaking and Writing Tests: Two tests that evaluate students' oral and written production based on the tasks and objectives of each unit.

  • Self-Assessment Checklists: Four checklists that allow students to monitor their own learning and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Answer Keys: The answers to all the tests and quizzes in the package.

The Complete Assessment Package for Top Notch 1 is a valuable resource for teachers who want to measure their students' progress and achievement in a reliable and valid way. It is also useful for students who want to practice their skills and prepare for exams. The Complete Assessment Package for Top Notch 1 can be downloaded for free from the Internet Archive. It is available in PDF format and can be printed or viewed on any device.

Top Notch is a widely used and respected course that has helped millions of learners around the world to improve their English. The second edition of Top Notch offers new and updated content, features, and resources that make it more relevant and effective for today's learners and teachers. If you are interested in learning more about Top Notch or downloading other materials from the course, you can visit the official website or follow the Facebook page.


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