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How to Get Syrian Warfare torrent for PC: A Guide to the Best Sources and Installation Steps

the syrian war is a civil war between the government and rebel forces that have been taking place since 2011, affecting the stability of the region. the war escalated significantly in early 2012, becoming increasingly militarized, with the syrian government forces and its allies launching large-scale military offensives on the opposition, culminating in a series of military victories by the syrian government and its allies, culminating in the capture of aleppo, syrias largest city, in december 2012.

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the conflict, which started as peaceful anti-government protests in march 2011, has since evolved into a civil war, a complex web of actors and conflicting interests in an increasingly fractured syria. the civil war has become a major conflict, driving more than 5 million syrians from their homes. the syrian civil war involves many factions, including numerous non-state armed groups such as the islamic state of iraq and the levant (isil, also known as isis), al-nusra front, and the free syrian army. the war has also been fueled by sectarianism and regional rivalries. the syrian government and its allies (which include hezbollah, iran, and russia) have sought to crush the opposition through a campaign of violence and repression, while the opposition has struggled to coalesce. its external supporters have largely stayed away, and the united states and the european union have imposed sanctions on the syrian government.

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