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Mo`Lemi YBA [UPD]

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Mo`Lemi YBA

Amantsi is the most daring of his three albums. It rejects everything on which motswako staked its success. If it was language that catapulted the subgenre to relevance, then Molemi took it further by using Tswana oral lore to deliver his

Molemi took to the microphone as part of Morafe, the only motswako band to receive any acclaim. But it was as a solo artist that his goal became clear. Rather than a means to escape the despair of post-Bophuthatswana Mahikeng, motswako provided Molemi the opportunity to make his anticapitalist, pro-working class and later Pan-African case to the world.

Whether on a farm or a city street, for much of his career Molemi has attempted to capture and make sense of the precarious position young black people occupy in democratic South Africa. A decade on from his seminal debut, the picture is as blurry as the first time he attempted to make sense of it.

Where many of his motswako peers celebrate the new South Africa and turn the hip-hop subgenre into its mouthpiece, Molemi made it his mission to undress its contradictions and allowed his music to be the wail of those who mourn for the lost dream of Bophuthatswana. 041b061a72


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