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Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor

Download LA Scoring Strings 2 for Free and Learn How to Use Its Unique Features and Functions

rejoice, audiobro composers! in the celebration of our 20th anniversaar, we have loaded our back catalogue with new content for sampling, modeling and loop creation. here are samples and sample-based and loops from our current product-range. please download, sample and enjoy our latest technologies of acoustic scoring.

la scoring strings 2 download free torrent lass 2.0 full

all download products are available for free under audiobro's community license. you can download, tweak and share them with your peers. all product content is published under the creative commons zero license. any conversion and modification is prohibited. we invite you to write us at if you have any problems with the contents.

lass is a revolutionary wind player that generates high quality audio from wind instruments in real-time. with its groundbreaking flexibility and unparalleled sound quality, lass can be used to add real presence to any music or game, from orchestral to chamber works, cinema, rock, or jazz. lass includes 24 high resolution articulations per octave, making it possible to play with a full range of articulation and expressive control. lass also features a bunch of advanced midi controllers that can be used to supercharge your performance.

lass interface has been developed by the japanese developer of x-rite, a global leader in color science and imaging technologies, to address the audio and musicians needs of real-time playback and is the only wind player to offer the best representation of the original sound. lass can output any stereo or mono file format including aac, m4a, mp3, aiff, wav, flac, ogg, and wma. lass can load any wav file as well as mp3 as data source.


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