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SpeedRunners Full Crack [PC]

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SpeedRunners Full Crack [PC]

Pseudostripy adds: "I didn't play the tests and I've been avoiding reading or watching anything about it. My first one will be a casual playthrough. Although some of my casual playthroughs sometimes have four-hour sections of me just jumping against the wall out of curiosity. I'm very interested in speedrunning Elden Ring eventually. Once satisfied that I've enjoyed my first playthrough suitably then I'll hop onto the service, start watching the videos, and catch up with all the good content. And then hopefully add to that content if I've managed to discover anything myself!"

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Despite launching just a few days ago, Untitled Goose Game has already been cracked wide open by speedrunners. Seij has beaten the game in a speedrun clocking in at 3:46, crushing the previous record set by MonkeyKingHero at 6:59. The speedrun was conducted under any% rules, meaning that the only qualifier is for some sort of end screen to be shown.

Bad jokes aside, it is legitimately impressive that runners like Distortion2 have managed to crack the game to this level so quickly. Of course, it helps that many of the techniques that runners use to slice their way through the game have also been present in previous FromSoftware games, such as Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Still, some of the tricks that Distortion uses in the video are absolutely mind-boggling.

The main glitch that Distortion uses to skip to the end of the game is called a "wrong warp," and it's a speedrunning classic. Basically, when you quit Elden Ring and load the game again, you don't always end up in exactly the same location. Clever speedrunners figure out ways to fool the game into shunting them into a certain route.

From there, Distortion enters the Academy of Raya Lucaria and purposefully dies to a certain enemy in order to be whisked away to the Volcano Manor. There, Distortion collects a bundle of necessary resources, as well as killing a tough boss called Godskin Noble. The Noble's fearsome moveset isn't a problem for Distortion, however, because they use another save and quit glitch to turn off the boss's AI. Turns out the boss is a lot easier when it just sits there and takes your hits.

Over the past few days, Distortion has beaten their own world record no less than five times. Ironically, the leaderboards on aren't even open for the game yet, so we don't have a good idea of what categories speedrunners will want to compete in yet. Either way, the fact that any-percent runs are this fast not even a month after launch is staggering, and we'll have to see if Distortion continues to improve on this time.

NME spoke to JRP2234, moderator of the Metroid Dread speedruns board and runner of the Any% category, where players can use any glitches or other unintended methods to complete the game as fast as possible. He claims the current barrier for speedrunners is the limited time since the game has been released.

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