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Commando Scaricare Film

Commando is a 1985 American action film directed by Mark L. Lester and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Alyssa Milano, Vernon Wells, Bill Duke and Dan Hedaya. The film was released in the United States on October 4, 1985. The film was noted for its furious action and sense of humor.

Commando scaricare film

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The film was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Special Effects but lost to Back to the Future. The film's score was provided by James Horner. A commercial success, Commando was the 7th-highest-grossing R-rated film of 1985 worldwide, and the 25th-highest-grossing overall.[2]

Principal photography began on April 22, 1985, and wrapped on June 6, 1985 after 45 days of filming.[5] The film was shot on location in California. San Nicolas Island off the coast of Santa Barbara, to which Matrix flies to rescue his daughter, was filmed on the Pacific coast at San Simeon. The barracks that are "attacked" are actually beach properties belonging to the Hearst Castle Estate. The house that Matrix storms at the film's climax was actually the former main residence of the Harold Lloyd Estate in the Benedict Canyon district of Beverly Hills. The car chase scene between Sully and Matrix starts on Ventura Blvd and moves into the hills on Benedict Canyon. The Sherman Oaks Galleria, in Sherman Oaks, California, served as the film's shopping mall location, and was used for six days after 9pm, after stores closed. This film was originally set to cost $8 million, but ended up costing $9 million once filming ended.[6]

The first DVD of Commando was released in region 1 in the United States on May 25, 1999. Common with early DVD releases, the disc featured a non-anamorphic video transfer, a basic 2.0 surround track, and only the US theatrical trailer as an extra. DVDs released in other regions soon followed, some with anamorphic transfers, but the 2001 United Kingdom region 2 DVD was censored by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), with 12 seconds of cuts to an arm severing and closeups of the impaled Bennett. These cuts were brought over from the 1985 original theatrical release. However, a German master was used for the UK DVD, meaning the film was cut even more than it should have been, leading to 56 seconds of cuts instead of the BBFC's 12 seconds. If the film had been resubmitted to the BBFC, it would be passed uncut under the BBFC's new, more liberal rules. This has proven to be the case as the BBFC's website indicates that both versions of the film (the U.S. theatrical cut and the unrated edition) for the DVD were passed on June 11, 2007. With the unrated edition released, the film is available in its entirety, a first for the UK.

On June 5, 2007, 20th Century Fox officially announced that a completely unedited and unrated director's cut of the film would be released on region 1 DVD on September 18, 2007. Through seamless branching, this disc not only features an unrated cut (which was claimed to run at 95 minutes, but is only 91 minutes, with 92 seconds of extra footage), but as a bonus, also contains the original 90-minute, R-rated US theatrical version. Aside from this, the DVD is a special edition, featuring an audio commentary from director Mark L. Lester (only on the theatrical cut), additional deleted scenes, a Pure Action featurette, a Let Off Some Steam featurette, and four photo galleries with over 150 photos. The transfer is anamorphically enhanced and features a 5.1 audio mix.

On May 5, 2015, as part of the film's 30th anniversary, the director's cut of Commando was released on Blu-ray Disc in a limited edition, collectible metalpak as a Best Buy exclusive. It contains all of the special features that were included in the 2007 DVD release, including the 90-minute theatrical version of the film.

Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a rating of 67% based on reviews from 36 critics, with an average rating of 5.80/10.[9] The website's critical consensus reads, "The ultimate '80s Schwarzenegger movie, replete with a threadbare plot, outsized action, and endless one-liners."[9] On Metacritic, the film has a rating of 51 out of 100, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[10]

Diamond Toymakers released a line of action figures in 1986 in an attempt to cash in on the success of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Matrix now leads an elite special forces unit (which replaced his old deceased unit from the original film) called C-Team, made up of Spex, Blaster, and Chopper, against the forces of F.E.A.R., led by Psycho (who is based on the character of Bennett) and consisting of Lead-Head, Stalker, and Sawbones. There was an assortment of 4" figures, containing all of the above, a series of 8" figures, consisting of Matrix, Spex, Blaster, Psycho, Lead-Head, and Stalker. Chopper and Sawbones are absent. Finally, there was an 18" John Matrix that came with a pistol, an M16, and a grenade.[citation needed]

I think I have to agree with a fellow reviewer on this movie... "absolute perfection" is probably the best way I would sum up this film. Indeed this all-out action, gratuitously violent, tongue-in-cheek roller-coaster ride is a must-see for the action movie fan and, if viewed in the right mood, it's a total riot. Actually I rank this film as one of Arnie's best, up there with the two TERMINATOR films anyway, and I far prefer it to the deadly serious/repetitive RAMBO films that Stallone was making at the same time. This is the first film that Arnie made when he started to gently make fun at his own image, while at the same time being outrageously over the top and using his physique to do the talking. I mean, check out the scene where his character is first introduced. He's carrying a damn tree trunk on his shoulder! Like the best action movies, COMMANDO packs in tons of action, explosions and violence into its trim running time. It's one big set-piece after another with only a little bit of plot-building in-between. Highlights include a huge battle with the police in a shopping mall, a flash car chase through streets at night and the big one, the finale where Arnie becomes a one-man army and kills about a hundred soldiers at the baddie's island retreat. The final fifteen minutes are sheer bliss for the action lover who's looking for a good time.Arnie is in his element here, snapping off his one-liners at just the right tones and with precision (of one guy who he dropped over a cliff edge, "I let him go!"), trying out his soon-to-become trademark catchphrases, and proving himself a force to be reckoned with in the action scenes. Rae Dawn Chong is the token female lead who acquits herself well with her role, proves to be likable, and creates a realistic (well, for the film) transformation from being a frightened victim into a rocket launching weapon of destruction. I still remember the first time I saw the scene where she accidentally shot the rocket launcher the wrong way down a blew me (and the shop front) away! Dan Hedaya is pretty forgettable as the chief baddie, instead it's Vernon Wells (MAD MAX 2) as his henchman Bennett who steals all of his scenes as the outrageous string-vested mercenary who manages to be a match for Arnie, if in terms of fearsomeness instead of bulk. The supporting cast is also very good, with AMITYVILLE II's priest James Olson as Arnie's Major General, Alyssa Milano as Arnie's captured kid, Bill Duke (PREDATOR) as an imposing hit-man, David Patrick Kelly as the irritating and short bad guy, plus a glimpse-and-you'll-miss-him Bill Paxton.The violence is played for laughs instead of being there to shock, like when Arnie nonchalantly breaks a bad guy's neck on a plane, or when he shoots a bad guy in cold-blood at the film's beginning. Only in the final massacre does it become serious, with a beautiful mansion and its grounds laid to waste, hundreds of men exploding or being shot. Gotta love that interlude where Arnie hides out in a garden shed and tries out some new weapons. The stunts are endless, from Arnie rolling a jeep freefall down a hill to taking a mad dive on a balloon display through the shopping mall. The final knife fight is pretty good too, ending the film on a high-note with another cheesy one-liner (the classic "let off some steam, Bennett"), and you've gotta love the way Arnie's various wounds suddenly heal up and disappear. Another fantastic film from Mark Lester, the guy who astounded us with CLASS OF 1984, and the pinnacle of the '80s action film.

This movie is sort of Star Wars meets the Terminator meets a nice fellow who likes to help out people. Suburban Commando tries to be a caricature of our society and seriously fails. It is funny but only through its outright stupidity. My friend laughed at the movie and said that it was basically rubbish. When I first saw it a few years back I thought that it was good, but now it is simply full of clichés with a bad actor (Hulk Hogan) showing off his choreographed pro-wrestling skills. He is no commando, he is a pro-wrestler throwing people around. The one thing I like about the movie is the effects and the fact that it is sci-fi. I have a weak spot of sci-fi but I don't think I can sit through the bad acting and the pro-wrestling falseness again.The movie is about a commando that single handedly destroys a huge space cruiser and the evil dictator flying it and is then commanded to go on a holiday on Earth. That he does and he claims to hate the place, though when he is on Earth he suddenly takes the role of the Good Samaritan. When I watched Hulk Hogan walking down the street all I could think of is that he seriously suited the role of an alien, and he didn't even seem to have make up on. I remember the days of pro-wrestling and now, in the late 1990's, it seriously seems to be dead. There is probably a group of hard core followers, but I never really hear of it anymore.Hogan is trying to follow Arnold Swartzenegger and has seriously failed. This movie does not stand apart and Christopher Lloyd steals the spotlight from Hogan for his acting ability. Lloyd plays a weak willed architect that is constantly pushed around by life. When this is revealed you instantly know that he is going to go on a big adventure with Hogan and come out of it with more guts and is able to stand up to people. The movie claims to be one of the 90's, but it is only scratching the surface of a new era of bleakness and satire. Suburban Commando is a silly movie that tries to be something that it is not. Suburban Commando depicts the suburbs are a nice place to live with a few silly problems that a superhero can solve, but the movie does not fall into the caricature that Edward Scissorhands creates. It is a good place for people to live and the only disturbances are intergalactic aliens. It does not create a social order whose greatest enemy is itself, as can be seen with movies like Edward Scissorhands. Though this movie claims to be 90's, it is not.


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