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Killer(1989)117 Available Subtitles [WORK]

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Killer(1989)117 Available subtitles

The catalogue lists titles by their original language. It allows you to find French films, to study French, and German films to study German etc. By using one of the listed titles, you should have good subtitles that match the audio.

Petite SolangeAxelle Ropert, 2021, France, 86mFrench with English subtitlesNorth American PremiereJade Springer makes an extraordinary feature-film debut as Solange, a lively 13-year-old living in Nantes with her music-shop-owner father Antoine (Philippe Katerine) and actress mother Aurélia (Léa Drucker). When their marriage starts falling apart, the normally cheerful Solange is unprepared and emotionally destabilized. While her brother Romain (Grégoire Montana) takes advantage of an opportunity to avoid turmoil by going abroad, Solange feels increasingly alone and erratic in navigating this unexpected familial collapse. Deftly transitioning from comedy to drama, director Axelle Ropert (Miss and the Doctors, Rendez-Vous 2014) takes inspiration from The 400 Blows in a sensitive divorce drama that places children, rather than adults, at the center of attention.Monday, March 7, 3:30pmSaturday, March 12, 12:30pm (Q&A with Axelle Ropert)

OSS: 117 (2006)I wish for a couple hours I was French, because I'm sure there were twice as many gags as I could get as an American reading subtitles. Even so, what a funny funny movie. It's not quite as zany as a spoof like "Airplane" (nor quite as funny, which of course is hard to do), but it takes the Sean Connery vintage James Bond film model and really does a parody worthy of 007. And of the franchise, which of course is bigger than Bond, bigger than Ian Fleming could have ever dreamed.But hold your horses--this is a parody of the real OSS:117. Yes, a French author created a Bond-like spy in the 1950s, and this movie and its 2009 sequel are really playing a double-edged game. They bring the old French spy to life (the original was a French-speaking American, bizarrely enough), and they make fun of him, of Bond, and of 1960s super slick sexist movies all around.The star here, the Sean Connery of this spoof (he even looks a bit like the Scottish actor), is Jean Dujardin. He's brilliant. He's funny, campy, silly, serious, and subtle about it all. He plays the role with a kind of oblivious self-ridicule that Woody Allen and Peter Sellers were so good at. It's great stuff.And he's backed up by a strong, if somewhat predictable, assortment of international thugs, beauties, and oddballs. There are shades of "Charade" here as well as the original "Pink Panther" movies. The scoring is amazing, composed with that Henry Mancini flair to a T and recorded with the familiar bright, echoey sound studio fullness of the time. Equally authentic are the opening credits, which were so convincing I had to double check when the movie came out. I was thinking, wow, a lost 1960s gem.But it's a brand new gem, or almost gem. Time will tell if this will hold up over the years, but it's a kind of must-see now for anyone into Bond films, the 60s, French humor, or just a well made movie with lots of gags. Like the gag where the noisy chickens go silent when the lights go off, and so our hero delights in turning the lights on, and off, and on, and off. Just wait and listen. It'll slay you.

Way of the Dragon Bruce Lee, Hong Kong, 1972, DCP, 100 min., in English, Cantonese, Mandarin with English subtitles December 11, December 14 After the historic box office success of The Big Boss and Fist of Fury, Bruce Lee himself wrote, co-produced and directed this follow-up. Here the action cycles between Europe and Hong Kong and culminates in a fight between Lee and Chuck Norris in the Roman Coliseum.

Juliet of the Spirits Federico Fellini, Italy, 1965, DCP, 145 min., Italian with English subtitles December 9, December 11, & December 12 When people use the adjective Felliniesque, they are often referring to the highly colorful, stylized and surreal aesthetic of Juliet of the Spirits. Giuletta Masina returns, playing the bored wife of an inattentive and unfaithful husband. The film presents her fantasies of a more fulfilling life. Massively influential and still a joy to watch.

Son of Monarchs Alexis Gambis, US & Mexico, 2020, DCP, 97 min., in Spanish and English with English subtitles November 1, November 6 After the death of his grandmother, a Mexican biologist living in New York returns to his hometown nestled in the majestic monarch butterfly forests of Michoacán. The journey forces him to confront past traumas and reflect on his new hybrid identity, launching a personal and spiritual metamorphosis. Directed by biologist Alexis Gambis, Ph.D., and Winner of the Alfred P. Sloan prize at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, this film is a must-see for monarch butterfly enthusiasts.

El Planeta Amalia Ulman, Spain, 2021, DCP, 79 min., in Spanish with English subtitles November 4, November 6, November 10 Visual artist Amalia Ulman mines the devastation of post financial-crisis Spain to craft this imaginative and biting contemporary mother-daughter comedy, a selection of the New Directors/New Films and Sundance Film Festivals. With hilarious turns by Ulman and her real-life mother, Ale Ulman; a down-on-her luck designer and her one-time socialite mother try to keep up their decadent lifestyle in spite of their rapid descent from the bourgeoisie.

Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman Rosine Mbakam, Cameroon & Belgium, 2017, DCP, 76 min., in Bamiléké and French with English subtitles December 4 Rosine Mbakam, a Belgian-based Cameroonian filmmaker, travels home to her mother in Yaoundé, Cameroon, to introduce her toddler son to her family and culture. A beautiful, intimate and revealing story of family history and immigration, and fascinating interrogation of the cinema camera in private spaces.

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