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If you are looking for a way to tune your OBD1 Honda ECU, you might have heard of CROME, a software developed by John Cui and members of the forum. CROME stands for Cui ROM Editor, and it allows you to edit and add extra features to your stock OBD1 Honda ECU. This can enable you to run a Honda with forced induction systems (such as turbo or supercharger) or individual throttle bodies like it was stock. You can also adjust parameters such as rev limits, VTEC engagement, fuel and ignition maps, and more. But what is the difference between CROME Free, CROME Pro, and CROME Dealer? And which one should you choose for your tuning needs?


CROME Free is the basic version of the software, which you can download and use without paying anything. It has the following features:

Download File:

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • Editing

  • Included Plugins

  • Real-Time Programming

CROME Free lets you open and edit stock Honda OBD1 ROMs such as the P28, P30, P72, and more. You can use the colorized tabular view to easily visualize values for fast editing, or the graph view to see the fuel and ignition curves. You can also use the plugin system to enhance the capabilities of the stock ROM, such as adding boost control, launch control, nitrous control, etc. With real-time programming, you can upload changes to your ECU without having to burn a chip every time.


CROME Pro is the advanced version of the software, which costs $50.00 to purchase a license. It has all the features of CROME Free, plus the following features:

  • Live Data Logging

  • Live Tuning

  • Auto Tuning

  • Lambda Logger

  • Smart Suggestion

  • CROME Gold ROM support

CROME Pro lets you record telemetry from the ECU, such as engine speed, manifold pressure, injector duration and duty cycle, water and air temperature, air-fuel ratios, and more. You can also view these data in real time on your laptop screen. With live tuning, you can make changes to your fuel and ignition maps while the vehicle is running, and see the effects immediately. With auto tuning, you can let the software intelligently use the recorded lambda information to determine how much fuel to add or remove to meet the target values. You can also use the lambda logger to keep track of air-fuel ratios and display them in tabular form. With smart suggestion, you can get automatic calculations of how much fuel to add or remove when using the adjustments tool. CROME Pro also supports CROME Gold ROMs, which are pre-tuned ROMs that have rich features without the hassles of using plugins.

CROME Dealer

CROME Dealer is the ultimate version of the software, which costs $150.00 to purchase a license. It has all the features of CROME Pro, plus the following features:

  • Live Auto-Tuning

  • Selectable Smart-Tracking

  • Selectable Auto-Adjustment

  • Save Gold ROMs

CROME Dealer lets you use the live auto-tuning feature, which automates the tuning process by continuously applying changes to the fuel maps while the vehicle is running. You can also select different modes of smart-tracking, such as single cell, quad cell, or multi cell combinations for a more granular choice of recording. You can also select different modes of auto-adjustment, such as row or column group adjustments to rapidly rough out a basemap into a near tuned setup in just a few iterations. CROME Dealer also lets you save gold ROMs to keep a library of existing tunes and burn custom gold ROMs for customers.


CROME is a powerful software that can help you tune your OBD1 Honda ECU with ease and precision. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose between CROME Free, CROME Pro, or CROME Dealer. Each version has its own advantages and features, but they all share the same goal: to make your Honda perform better. If you are interested in learning more about CROME, you can visit the official website or the online forum for more information and support.


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