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MN 168 - Google Drive ((FREE))

The registrar of motor vehicles shall refuse to register a passenger automobile or truck unless the owner submits to the registrar, at the time the owner files the first application for registration or transfer of a passenger automobile or truck, a written and verified statement that the owner is 18 years of age or over or, if under the age 18, is permitted by the provisions of subdivision 1 to own a passenger automobile or truck. The statement of an applicant under the age of 18 also shall set forth the number of the applicant's driver's license, or if the applicant has no driver's license the applicant shall so state. The applicant shall make an oath or affirmation before an officer authorized by law to administer oaths and affirmations that the statements made are correct and true. The registrar may prescribe a form for the statement required by this subdivision, which form the registrar may make a part of the application for registration or transfer.

MN 168 - Google Drive

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A person who violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor. The commissioner of public safety shall suspend, for not less than one year, the driver's license of a person who, while under the age of 18, misrepresents the person's age on the statement required by subdivision 3.

Research interests revolve around the modeling of some geomechanical processes, such as hydraulic fracturing, drilling, rock-cutting and indentation; and on the mechanics of fluid-infiltrated geomaterials. Recent efforts on the modeling of hydraulic fractures have focused on (1) the analysis of the singular behavior near the tip of an advancing fluid-driven fracture; (2) the study of poroelastic effects, caused by leak-off of the fracturing fluid in the permeable rock; and (3) the analysis of the initiation of hydraulic fractures at a borehole to improve the interpretation of the in-situ stress from a hydraulic fracturing stress test. 041b061a72


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